New Acquisition & Development Loan Financing - Carter Ridge (Greenville, NC MSA)

Harvest Capital announces the successful closing of a new A&D financing; Carter Ridge

Harvest Capital LeoTerra Development Carter Ridge

Harvest Capital is proud to announce a $6.5 million loan commitment for the second phase of a three-phase development in Greenville, North Carolina with LeoTerra Development Inc. . This financing is provided to LeoTerra to support the construction of 148 single-family lots.                        

Harvest is an industry leader in residential real estate investment & asset management with over $705m in capital exposure managed, $235m+ in new capital investments, $1.3B in gross project revenues, and 12,300+ lots financed, managed, and developed over 54 unique real estate projects.    

Through our exclusive partnership with TPG Angelo Gordon, a diversified credit and real estate investing platform within TPG, we strive to address the lack of A&D financing available in the market today. We are deeply committed to empowering residential land development projects that create a positive impact in their respective community landscapes. By investing in strategic, programmatic lending relationships, we believe we can help our development partners scale their businesses while also contributing to the growth of the local economies in which we operate in and helping address the shortage of attainable housing in these regions.    

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